Bar Maestros features a gamut of services oriented towards bar staff

provision and resources to complete your event inspired by your vision.

Our approach is custom craftexcellence and we listen and deliver.


We do not claim to be the fountain of knowledge and dictate how things

should be done. We offer solutions tailored to your imagination at

the highest set standard in the industry and at the most competitive price.


Bar Staff Provision

Each of our Maestros undergoes specialized expertise education in the fields of mixology, bartending technique, aperitif and digestif, sommelier training— covering all fields of the alcohol beverage industry. We, at Bar Maestros, aim to surpass standards of service and hospitality in the UAE, maintaining that each member of our staff represents our mission. We provide our clients with the option to browse and select qualified Bar Maestros from our team when booking their event with us, ensuring that each of our trained staff is a tailored fit for our clients’ needs.

Concerts and Entertainment

Concerts and entertainment events can range from stadium-sized to intimate, boisterous to sophisticated, and our team at Bar Maestros follows suit. We thrive in responding to our clients’ inspirations, welcoming challenges and problem-solving. Our dedication to fulfilling expectations from patrons and concert goers alike is maintained in all event environments.

Major Sporting Events

We know how dedicated sports fans are to their teams. At Bar Maestros, we bring die-hard dedication to the bar. Whether it is a tennis match, Formula 1 or offshore racing, rugby or rally events— Bar Maestros will be representing you behind the bar with custom-tailored cocktails in true team spirit. Let us cheer with you!

Private Events

One of our specialities is in creating the experiential allure and hospitality finesse of a speakeasy— an invitation-only private event. Our strengths lie in customizing and catering to the vision of our clientele. We collaborate to envision and execute one-of-a-kind experiences for weddings, ladies events, birthdays, house-warming, residence parties, corporate business gatherings, and VIP exclusive events. Confidentiality is our forte and our staff are selected according to the desired service, remaining true to the original vision.

Launch Events

In designing any launch event, beverage provision is a major influencer toward overall success. We provide the finesse in presentation, mixology, art, and hospitality skills to wow your guest list and associating PR agencies. Our attention to detail will certainly give the media something to publicize about! No launch event should take place without the careful diligence of our Maestros behind the bar. We work closely with appointed agencies to create the theme, signature cocktails and design the beverage service flow to ensure a successful, smooth operation from the time your guest list arrives till the time you say goodbye.

All UAE calendar events can successfully be catered for by Bar Maestros, including, but not limited to: fashion, design, exhibition, and airshow events. We have you covered from staff to service, taking away pressures of the event and turning it into an exciting collaborative partnership.

Non-Alcoholic Events

Bar Maestros is no doubt setting a revolutionary new standard with raising bench marks to reflect regional needs. Not all events require or appropriate alcoholic beverages. In response, Bar Maestros provides mocktails and specialized non-alcoholic beverages for weddings, kids events, cultural events (including in the areas of arts and the fashion industry), product launches in shopping centers, and more. Our non-alcoholic service provision respects and honors the cultural sensitivity required to ensure a bar set-up organized with precision and care in staff presentation. We are proud to deliver the highest quality of non-alcoholic beverage and signature mocktail service in the region, with focus on revitalizing the absence of alcohol as inspiration rather than challenge.

Nightclub/Event Bar Maestros Concierge

You might notice bar consultancy and cocktail companies providing trolley service in the nightlife industry, but rest assured, we were the first to bring this innovation to their attention when we requested the service and they failed to deliver. Some upgraded and created a trolley service of their own— but this does not begin to compare with our top-notch concierge hospitality and the specified arrangements we offer our valued clients. The design of our trolleys and bars will outshine competitors through flexibility and original provision for a one-of-a-kind custom experience. We create concepts, rather than imitate.

Our concierge service is designed for privately booked tables, high-end clients in VIP areas, frequent clientele, launch events and private events. Contact us for more details on this amazing VIP service.