Inspired by the craftsmanship of Jeremiah P. Thomas and his role in
pioneering the popularity of quality cocktails served with a side of
theater, Bar Maestros aims to revive the tradition of craft cocktail
mixology, as offered in 1800s New York saloons. Jeremiah “Jerry” Thomas

earned his reputation as “the father of American mixology” when he
established the image of the bartender as a creative professional.

His work revolutionized standards of the alcohol beverage industry,

marking a global transformation in hospitality history.  
Bar Maestros is dedicated to rekindling J.Thomas’ creed of quality,
creativity and showmanship, setting a new bench mark for the industry

in the UAE with focus on showcasing the best tailored mixology service

under the watchful eyes of Bar Maestros who have built their craft with

over 25 years of combined experience.
Bar Maestros will deliver premium class services “tailored to your
imagination” at affordable pricing, allowing the UAE beverage

industry to grow and flourish under world-class standards.
Whether you are planning a corporate event, launch, private

birthday, yacht party, major sporting event, brand activation or

entertainment event, Bar Maestros will work directly with our

clients to ensure
unmatched craft cocktail services executed in a timely,

hassle-free manner.
To ensure client satisfaction, Bar Maestros is the first

to introduce BM guaranteed policy on service and price.  
We look forward to entertaining you.